Saturday, 23 March 2013


Another sinfully boring day outfit post from yours truly, sorry! I am without a doubt, and always will be a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl. But I'm trying to step it up a gear and I think these necklaces do the trick quite nicely. Rhinestone, crystal and chain necklaces are pretty trendy right now on the highstreet so its easy enough to get your paws on them. I got mine from a vintage shop in Hebden Bridge called Lucy & the Caterpillar they were around £15 each and are from around the 1950's which I think is pretty cool. I appreciate that they are unique and they layer together perfectly. I'm wearing t-shirt and belt from Primark, my jeans and boots were bought in the River Island sale.


  1. ooh ooh lovely necklace, definitely shakes the outfit up a bit.
    somedays you just have to have a jeans and tee day - you rock it! x

  2. looove this! so simple but amazing, the necklace awesome as well <3


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