Thursday, 31 January 2013


Boys have better things. I snapped up this sportswear inspired Wood Wood jersey from the Fresh Cotton sale for around 35 Euros. First fell for it when I spotted it on India Rose blog but couldn't really afford it, then it went into the sale so obvs meant to be. 


Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Rings £3.99/ Clutch £9.99/ Shirt £14.99/ all H&M 
Bracelet by Junk&Disorderly
Gold Watch by LTD Watches

This was the top half of an outfit I wore last weekend, to say the H&M gear came up under £30 is ridiculous, I often think that there is a lot of crap out on the high street but then I will come across really affordable and versatile pieces to add to my wardrobe that I know I won't get bored of. Bargain fashion certainly does not have to be disposable. 


Saturday, 26 January 2013


I love a street/sportswear influence, but keep it clean and grown up like these ladies.

images: Pinterest, Indiaroseblog, stockholm streetstyle, love-aesthetics

Friday, 25 January 2013


Recently I've been wearing much cleaner, minimal jewellery. This silver bracelet is by a really cool brand called Beneath The Roses, check them out on Facebook and Instagram @beneaththeroses

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Back shortly, follow my adventures via Instagram @babesdoepicshit

Friday, 11 January 2013


My only purchase in the sales this season was these bad boys, they were £30 marked down from £70 in River Island. 

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Baddie Bey posing in her skivvies for GQ, perhaps her attempt to stay relevant? or maybe to drum up some media attention since it has just been announced that Destinys Child will be releasing a new album this month (OMG!) Who knows, but she is Beyonce and she can do as she pleases in my opinion. Them thighs though, hell yeah.




Today I am hating life, sick in bed with a sinus infection (gross) and blogging from my iPhone to keep entertained. Here are some items I picked up in NYC. Nars and Illamasqua is so much cheaper over there so I got the Copacabana Illuminator and some nail polishes from Sephora. The tiny Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb perfumes are my favourite beauty purchase of late (from duty free) the full size perfume was around £60 but I went for these four handbag sized dabber bottles for £35, I am still on the first one it seems to be lasting forever!  

I am suppose to be off to Berlin next week, providing I have shifted this minging illness. Fingers crossed.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Dress: Topshop
Although I was in NYC over new years, new years eve itself was a complete bust (bad club, bad crowd, bad vibes) if there is somewhere that needs to be avoided in New York, its club Pacha. I won't go into the details, but in a nutshell new years eve was a huge let down. 
I guess the silver lining was that, while only for a short time, I got to wear one of the most amazing dresses I've ever owned. Unfortunately it didn't get much of an outing, and I hardly got any decent photos of it when I did wear it so I threw it on again for some quick snaps to share on here. It set me back a small fortune (£180..then went into the sale garghhh) but I don't ever spend silly money on dresses, and this one seemed totally worth it. For a start, it is ridiculously heavy and the detail is incredible, compared to all other sequin dresses I've seen on the high street it is very high quality. Even though every time I try it on some of the beads fall off, I think it will look even better when its slighty battered.
  I wore it with minimal make-up and heeled ankle boots because I didn't want to look too glamourous- I spent the other 364 days of 2012 wearing black or jeans so this was pretty intense for me. The result: backless, nude, sequins and glitter....I felt like 'effin J-LO. 


Saturday, 5 January 2013


A belated Happy New Year to all my readers, I hope everyone had an amazing festive period. I was lucky enough to receive a brand new camera so I am happy to say that I will be returning to regular blogging activities again, fuck yeah. For my first post back I am sharing some of my photos from my recent trip to New York with my girlfriends and also some added Canadian dudes I met in Vegas who added to the craziness of this trip about tenfold! 

Photo heavy so I've linked to a new page

Once again, its great to be back and I appreciate all my regular followers for sticking with me, hope everyone is excited for 2013, I know I am.