Sunday, 8 December 2013


For my first 'Mint, Skint, Payday' post I went for the shearling jacket. I saw the Acne one on Pinterest first, cried a bit over it, and then made it my business to track down some cheaper alternatives.
 I haven't blogged properly in a long time, moving to another country and having all the distractions/stress of trying to settle in I completely lost my shopping mojo. I honestly did not give two shits about fashion, the shops here are alright but there is no real 'high street' like in the UK, and since I don't have a lot of money I really missed my Primark (yeah i'll admit it, no shame here)

HOWEVER, I then remembered where I was from... England, West Yorkshire, and what are Yorkshire people good at? yep.. being cheap as fuck! So whilst I may not be raking in the cash right now, my fashion boner is back and I'm getting back in the stores and online and I will be sure to share my new bargains. 

Oh, and the jackets you can find here..
#1. ACNE $twograndorsomethingridic

If anyone has any requests for a particular item on a  'Mint.Skint.Payday' post please let me know, 'cause I have a bit of a talent for finding stuff if it exists even in the deepest darkest corners of the internet. 

Rosie xo