Thursday, 18 April 2013


necklace: H&M 
shorts: Primark//bag:Alexander Wang//tee:Topshop//trainers:River Island
top to bottom:ASOS//Ebay//H&M//ASOS
vest & shoes:Zara//shorts:Urban Outfitters//bag:H&M

Since outfit posts have kind of had to go out the window for the moment (I'm too preoccupied trying to sort my life out to dress decently) I'll have to bore you with this nonsense... So I'm a little bit besotted with this whole outfit grid thing. I love the instagram @outfitgrid, its all menswear which I'm obsessed with because they have the BEST accessories. But I think the girls oughta play too, so that's what I'm attempting here. Its also a great way to put outfits together, so when the weather turns nice and I'm ready to get out of my sweatpants/slippers/jeans/trainers rotation I shall be wearing both these get ups. 

I also wanted to show you my new neck candy! I'm back on statement necklaces since they are a great way to dress up a boring outfit e.g- tshirts and jeans (my staples!) The ID chain from Ebay, which is the closest to the Celine version can be found by searching 'chunky ID chain' which will bring up tonnes of tasty results to choose from. Mine is actually plastic which I was kinda pissed about when it arrived but it means it won't tarnish.


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