Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Dress: Topshop
Although I was in NYC over new years, new years eve itself was a complete bust (bad club, bad crowd, bad vibes) if there is somewhere that needs to be avoided in New York, its club Pacha. I won't go into the details, but in a nutshell new years eve was a huge let down. 
I guess the silver lining was that, while only for a short time, I got to wear one of the most amazing dresses I've ever owned. Unfortunately it didn't get much of an outing, and I hardly got any decent photos of it when I did wear it so I threw it on again for some quick snaps to share on here. It set me back a small fortune (£180..then went into the sale garghhh) but I don't ever spend silly money on dresses, and this one seemed totally worth it. For a start, it is ridiculously heavy and the detail is incredible, compared to all other sequin dresses I've seen on the high street it is very high quality. Even though every time I try it on some of the beads fall off, I think it will look even better when its slighty battered.
  I wore it with minimal make-up and heeled ankle boots because I didn't want to look too glamourous- I spent the other 364 days of 2012 wearing black or jeans so this was pretty intense for me. The result: backless, nude, sequins and glitter....I felt like 'effin J-LO. 



  1. Great dress! Love it!
    I'm not a Pacha fan either, a bit sleazy there. Way prefer Lavo!
    Hope you're night wasn't too bad.
    Great post!
    Would love to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin?
    I always follow back, so let me know!
    Love you're blog.
    Lots of love from London.
    Love G xx


    1. We had food at lavo, it was so nice! went to the club for a short time but it was too early and a little quiet for our liking so we did a bar crawl around soho. Pacha is evil, right you are about the sleazy comment- full of gross men!
      following your blog on GFC :-)

      rosie x


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