Saturday, 28 July 2012


I got my camo jeans from Zara and I'm pretty impressed with them, they will certainly do while I can't shell out for the Textile E&J ones. The gold stud detailing is nice but a couple have fallen off although you can't tell so I can live with it. I also just thought I'd mention that the packaging Zara use for online purchases is really smart. You can sort of see in the top picture, I don't usually expect such high quality from a high street store and it's nice touches like this that often make me go back for more.


  1. Wow! Love those! They look great on you :) I've not ordered from Zara yet, but I love nicely packaged clothing too, considering how expensive postage from these kinds of brands are you expect something a bit special don't you! xx

    1. I had them delivered to a store and it was free! Even better :-)


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